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Any good anti virus software. My computer keeps opening new tabs when I open Chrome.
I already have AVG and SuperAntispyware Free edition
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I'll make improvements to it later. I just wrote this.Courage Scream 4  Maybe tell me what you think? Akihito smile 
“I’ll do my best!” Said the boy with a bright smile. After just completing a mission of helping souls come to heaven, this was just like the other jobs right? The auburn colored haired girl smiled sadly.

“Alright…” She said “Then I’ll send my Duncan with you for this mission Courage.” Courage slightly pondered as to why he needed extra support, especially of all people Duncan with this mission, but he shrugged it off and happily accepted the offer of help. Duncan, who had the same coloring as Courage got next to him, ready to be departed to the Earth.
The clouds in heaven pulled apart revealing a very tiny old shack. Duncan and Courage jumped down towards their destination. Getting a better look at the little house Courage became dazed. This place seemed so familiar…

“Hey snap out of it Courage, remember there is a job to do!” Yelled Duncan, clearly annoyed. Courage did snap out of it and was a little peeved at him for interrupting his thinking.

When they finally landed on the dusty ground, Duncan immediately ran to the house. As if he wanted to get the mission over with as quickly as possible. Courage however took in the sites of the little farmhouse. His hand quickly clutched white fabric on his chest, a flutter. There was that familiarity again, Courage pondered.

The pink haired boy walked over to the front entrance of the house and eventually grabbed ahold of the farmhouse door. He hesitantly opened it. The door gave off a loud squeak that made Courage’s heart stutter. He casted his gaze along the old living room, it was rather dusty. His gaze eventually landed on one spot in particular, the rocking chair.

Duncan was already up the stairs waiting for Courage. “Come on…we have to hurry remember?” Tears immediately poured out of Courage’s lavender eyes.

“R-right…” He stuttered back. He wiped his tears away. Everything was so confusing. He continued to follow Duncan until they reached the first door upstairs. Duncan took a step back away from the door. Courage looked at the boy in confusion.

“You have to open the door Courage.” Duncan said. He wanted him to open the door? Everything about this mission was different. Courage reached out to open it but then he hesitated. Why was it different?

“You have to open the door Courage.” Duncan pressed looking at Courage a little more determined. Instead of grabbing the door, Courage clutched his chest again and was unable to stop the tears from flowing. It felt as if he couldn’t breathe.

“Why?” Courage was the only question he was able to heave out of his shaking self. And there it was, his answer.

“Courage?...Oh Eustace…Where is my Courage?...” Soft cries said muffled on the other side of the door. Courage’s eyes widened at the noise and he immediately slammed open the door. Tears were pouring down his round face as he cried his beloved mother’s name.

“MURIEL!” He ran over to a vacant bedside of a now older frail Muriel. He crumbled to his knees and buried his head into her hand still crying from the massive shock he was just put through.

“Muriel…Muriel..” He sniffled out not wanting to leave her.

“Courage?...” Muriel stuttered out and turned to him. “Is that you?...” Courage looked up at her. Her face was a little in shock but she clearly happy at the site of her lost son.

“Muriel there is nothing there…” Said the now older farmer who was sitting on the opposite of Courage. “Muriel…” He said holding her hand.

“Yah see Eustace he really did come back to us…” She said not looking at her husband. Eustace just nodded in agreement with her. “Yeah…”

Muriel caressed the crying boy’s cheek. “I’m so happy that you’re here Courage…that I think I can sleep now…” She said dreamingly. “I love you both…” She sighed as she closed her eyes. A smile overcame her face.

Eustace just sat there in shock barely able to say his wife’s name. “M-muriel?” She didn’t respond. Courage sat on the other side just as in shock as the old farmer was. Dr. Vindaloo, who Courage didn’t even notice until now, felt Muriel’s neck for any sign of life. He turned to Eustace.

“I’m sorry…” He said solemnly.

“N-no!” Courage’s eyes widened at the realization. He had just come to remember her and now she’s gone?! How could this have happened? He cried even harder at the realization. Eventually through his crying was cut off by Duncan.
“I have to take the soul Courage” Courage reeled his head to see Duncan. Anger overtook him but kept in place not wanting to disturb his newly found mother.

“You..” He muttered. His eyes red from all the crying “knew about this?” Duncan nodded.
“I couldn’t tell you Courage, not even my lady…this…right now…what we’re doing…is forbidden.” Courage turned his head staring not exactly the corpse of his adoptive mother.
“Why are you doing this for me?” He asked the look alike.
“I might as well tell you since were in this deep…Me and my lady knew you before…you helped us.” Courage put a hand to his forehead.

“I had forgotten…” Courage said. “I still can’t remember all of my past…” Duncan interrupted.
“and it’s better not to. Once you return your memories will be erased once again.”
Courage looked at him. “I still don’t understand! Why can’t I have these memories! Yes some might be painful…But they’re mine, right?!”

“Courage you don’t belong to you…You belong to heaven.” Courage grasped a hold of his pant leg.
“I see…”  Duncan looked towards Muriel.
“Can we complete what we were sent here to do?” Courage nodded defeated.


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For my comics they will be up and running in a day or so. 
I just have so many deviations so I'm moving the comic stuff to the clubs.Haru Smiling Icon 
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Any good anti virus software. My computer keeps opening new tabs when I open Chrome.
I already have AVG and SuperAntispyware Free edition
  • Mood: Nervous


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